Physics Cloth simulations


New here but I have been using blender for about 3 years, learning a lot of tips and tricks from the courses are there any courses that teach physics, cloth, mantaflow fire liquid simulations? 

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  • Omar Domenech replied

    I think this one can get you up to speed. It's an oldie but goodie course but things in that section of Blender haven't changed that much.

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  • cameramannz1986 replied

    Ok thank you I will have a look at It

  • cameramannz1986 replied

    thank you I just finished the course, and it needs updating the course has been created on blender 2.77 but we are up to 3.4

  • Adrian Bellworthy replied

    Hey cameramannz1986,
    Hope you enjoyed the course and learnt something from it.
    It is an older course, but Blender's Physics have barely changed since the course was first released. The only difference is with the UI and locating some settings.
    Blender has new simulation nodes which is still in development, when they are more extensively developed, there will no doubt be an updated version.

    Happy Blending!

  • cameramannz1986 replied

    Hey Adrian

    I know most of the stuff taught In that course, might be more useful for beginners having a course taught where the UI is similar to what it looks like in 3.4.

    I don't know if those simulation nodes will be in the physics sections they were in one of the 3.5 alpha versions in the geometry nodes