Apple Problems

posted to: Sculpting

I couldn't select my apple after creating it and I couldn't see the circle or my apple in edit mode. 

  • Omar Domenech replied

    Hello Josiah. Can you expand in your explanation a little more? It's a bit generic at the moment. What are you trying to achieve? Maybe you hid your mesh components? Perhaps you turned off the object selection icon? Also maybe post screenshots of your problem.

  • wardred replied

    I wonder if you didn't accidentally turn overlays off.  Without those it looks like you can't select things.

    2 at 12.48.49 PM.png

    The other thing I can think of is if you've done something accidentally to your collections.  You can turn visibility, and even selectability, on and off with the collections.

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  • wardred replied

    The other two things I thought of that happen semi-regularly:

    Press / and make sure you're not editing in "local" mode.  This allows you to see one object instead of your whole scene.  It's really handy when you're modifying interior details of something, and there's a frame in the way.  (Like the motorcycle I'm working on.). But if you've forgotten you've done it it can be disconcerting trying to find everything else.

    Also press Alt-H and make sure you haven't accidentally hidden anything.  Do that both in object mode and in edit mode as you can hide whole objects in object mode, and individual vertexes in edit mode.

    Other than those tips we may need to see screen shots of what's happening in your scene.