Looking for instruction using a tablet with Blender

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I'm going through the fundamentals of digital sculpting course and while I'd like to use a tablet to do the sculpting, I find I'm having trouble figuring out the logistics.

Is there a course that goes more in detail on the workflow using a tablet? The blender basics course did a great job with pointing out how and when to use hotkeys and how to use the mouse, and how to set things up properly for mouse and keyboard.

When I'm using a tablet or touchscreen for sculpting, I can't figure out what the flow is for using hotkeys and navigating the view.

Any video suggestions?
  • Omar Domenech replied

    The problem is that it varies from tablet model to tablet model, I think. JL goes quickly into setting up his workspace for texture painting and while at it, he sets his tablet up. Maybe that can help you out, is this lessons, about four minutes in:


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  • comn replied

    That was very helpful, thank you!

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