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I can't leave this gap stuff from 3:21

I did exactly extrude the face but mine's not having gap between the shape...

  • yujin baek(yuplusjin) replied


  • Martin Bergwerf replied

    Hi Yujin yyuplusjin ,

    To me, it looks like you Inset, Inset again and then Extruded backwards, or something like that, while you should:

    Inset, Inset again and then Move the Face backwards and then Extrude it forwards again.

  • Omar Domenech replied

    You can also make the gap afterwards. Just make two loops as close together as you want the gap to be wide, then just extrude it in and you'll have the gap.

    Gap 1.png

    Gap 2.png

  • yujin baek(yuplusjin) replied

    Hi, I figured the problem but merging edge in 6:58, mine keep showing two edges even though I merges them.

  • Martin Bergwerf replied

    Carefully increase the Merge Distance.