Wanted to share my cable-bundling technique!

I wanted to share this cool technique I learned from making stylized hair, and it worked PERFECTLY for the cable strand!

Instead of using multiple curves and trying to manually wind them around each other so there's no clipping, I used one simple curve, and set its twist method to "tangent". 

I then set bevel to "object" and made a series of circles as the bevel object, which I made different sizes and positions. They follow the main curve and look plenty messy without actually intersecting!

It can be quite finnicky, but once I could intuit how the handles affect the twisting, it wasn't too hard to add a tiny bit of gravity sag without heavy pinching.

OH! and be sure to set "smooth" under twist method! This kept me from getting a worm-hole effect where the middle of the cables sucked into a zero-thickness point or something. :)

The circular object at the bottom is the bevel object I used.

Thanks so much for the awesome course, I just wanted to share this here because I was really proud of being able to think on my feet with remembering this technique, to get a similar result! :)

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  • Martin Bergwerf replied

    Thanks a lot for sharing Kyle arcangel_zero7 ,

    that is a really cool technique!

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  • Omar Domenech replied

    Hey that's actually really cool. I'll have that in mind next time I'm doing something similar. Thanks for sharing Kyle.

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  • Jonathan Lampel replied

    That's awesome! Really clever thinking, I love it 👏

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  • wardred replied

    Awesome application of work smarter, not harder!

    Great way to save time, and it looks good too!

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  • Kyle Blaine(arcangel_zero7) replied

    Hey all! Sorry I realized I didn't have notifications turned on. Thanks so much for your encouragement and kind words, and I'm glad you liked it!

    Now on to the craziness: Unwrapping. O_O I'm gonna finally learn it for real this time. :)

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