My Light Keeps Moving On It's Own?

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Okay, this is a really weird issue I'm having.

I'm working on the low poly room exercise from the Fundamentals of 3D Mesh Modelling in Blender course, and I keep doing quick renders to check how an object is coming out and have started having a bizarre issue where my light keeps moving on its own when I render?

I will have the light set up like this while working (I tried locking the transform options in hopes that it would fix the problem, but it has not).


Then I will do nothing but hit render image in the render menu and the lighting in the render will look wrong, so I'll swap from the image preview that pops up as it renders to the main Blender window and


The light is way out there now?

I don't get what is happening here? Why is it moving? How do I make it stop and stay where I wanted it? It wasn't happening earlier either, I don't think, but I don't recall doing anything that would mess with it.

  • CCWieland replied

    Because the sun is (effectively) infinitely far away, the position of this lamp does not matter, only its direction. I do find it strange that it is moving. have you checked to see if it has animated keys? 

  • Alex S(mksam) replied

    Yeah, I had it close so I could fiddle with the angle as needed without having to zoom about looking for it (after doing exactly that for a while).

    I hope it doesn't have animated keys because I don't know what that means or how to even check.

  • Martin Bergwerf replied

    Hi Alex @[email protected] ,

    What?! An object with it's Location locked is moving????

    Weird, or even impossible (well, it's happening, so it's not truely impossible). My only guess is, that one of your Addons is doing that...

    It doesn't have any animation keys on it (that would show in the N-panel).

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  • Omar Domenech replied

    How about if you just delete the sun and add a new one? That sounds like how Gods would speak to one another.

    I'm guessing the new sun will not have that problem, so give that a try. But if that solves it, still I would love to have an answer though, my inquisitive mind demands to know what was behind this crazy situation. It has to be animation keys and as Martin says, possible due to an addon.

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  • CCWieland replied

    If possible can I get a copy of the blend file. or may I suggest opening the file in a different blender without all the add-ons.

  • Martin Bergwerf replied

    The easiest way to disable all Addons is to go to File > Defaults > Load Factory Settings and then open your problematic .blend file.

    At least we'll know in which direction to look for the culprit. (I'm really curious as to why this is happening 🤔)

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  • Alex S(mksam) replied

    It was an add-on! I completely forgot I had the sun position add-on from using it in a tutorial a while ago, which was moving the sun back to a normal position for a sun to be!

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