Bevel Shader not working

Hi guys, running into some issues with the bevel shader, when I plug in the shader and give it a radius of 0.001 (or anything for that matter) it doesn't seem to do anything. Any help is much appreciated! Below is my blender file and a video of this.

Blender File

Video Link

  • Rhys Auty(RhysAuty) replied

    Sorry to waste your time, I seem to have found the answer in that i had the wrong material selected! However I am inputting 0.001 and it looks smooth but I would like it smoother. Whenever I enter an amount lower then 0.001 it doesnt look like it changes at all. Any suggestions?

    Thanks! :)

  • Omar Domenech replied

    The worst offender when this problem comes around is always the scale of your object. Check to see if the scale is 1, 1, 1. But more importantly, the 0.001 is dependent on the size of your object, it's not a fixed number that will work on everything. For example, if your object is 1 meter in size, that number will vary since an object that is 100 meters will be bigger and will require a different amount. So you have to figure out what number works for the dimension of the model that you have.

  • Jonathan Lampel replied

    Yeah, what Omar said! Also, if you find yourself working with really small numbers and it gets too finnicky, try using a setup like this to make it easier to tweak: