Can't scale horizontally in scult mode

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Hi guys.

I was hyped to begin a new course, and then I'm stuck at almost 3 min of the video. Can't progress anymore cause all steps are super important. You can't miss your shot to make a perfect face.

I think I will destroy my keyboard. I do exactly like Kent. It doesn't work. I spent 40 min on that. You can even notice that my options are all like Kent. He says: ''I will scale that horizontally.'' I tried everything. It doesn't work. See my blend file: (Btw, I put the gizmo at Scult - unmasked. It doesn't save it in the blend file.


Here is one of the result. But it never work like Kent.


The part that I'm trying to scale is supposed to be the same height as the middle part. I kinda know how to make this the same height, but there is another problem that makes my work not like Kent. Trying to scale it, then move it. Doesn't work. He does this all at the same time. 

Thank you for helping me out.

  • Martin Bergwerf replied

    Hi Max,

    Apply the Scale before going into Sculpt Mode!

    (I am embarrassed to say, that I made the same mistake and it took me hours to figure that out.)

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  • maxcady replied

    Don't tell me. I just wake up for hoping someone would answer me. I thought of publishing on Facebook CGcookie. Ok. Applying the scale is also for the sculpt mode. My god. Of course. This is my first time I play with the sculpt mode. I'm scared cause I do not have a pad. Only the mouse. I really hope I will be good at that. 

    I was sceptical that it was so simple. BEWARE! A nice zoom at the face like Steven Speilberg do to most of his movies. 

    It.... WORKED!

    Thx for the answer martin.