Anatomic Lex not showing labels or updating quality to max or anything not basic

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i got anatomic lex off the market place and when i load it in blender 3.3 it won't show me the labels or update the quality of the model when i select maximum then choose set quality

  • Omar Domenech replied

    Hello Al. Apologies for that problem. You can do one of two thing, you can go to the Blender Market and at the bottom in support, click Help Desk. After that, at the top right is the Contact option. Or, since I believe Kent is the one who made that model, we can ping him here and wait until he answers. @theluthier But I think the Blender Market is the fastest option. Hope this helps. Cheers. 

  • puds luls(puddles ) replied

    ok i went ahead and did that

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  • Martin Bergwerf replied

    @puddles ,you need to be in Rendered or Preview Mode to see the Labels.

    I tested it in 3.3 and the Set Quality works (first selecting Maximum/ Basic/Optimized and then pressing Set Quality), but again, it doesn't do anything when you are in Solid View.

  • puds luls(puddles ) replied

    how do i go into rendered or preview mode?

  • puds luls(puddles ) replied

    when i do render image/animation or view render/animation or do viewport render i don't see labels, I dont understand hwo to get into rendered or preview mode

  • Martin Bergwerf replied

    @puddles ,

    You can switch between different Preview Modes here: