Blender vs Unreal engine 5

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What are the difference between Blender and Unreal engine 5 in terms of editing meshes?Unreal engine 5 seems less complicated. 

My real question qould be, if I learn Blender, will that help to learn Unreal engine 5? 

Or I have to learn Unreal engine 5 from scratch?

  • Omar Domenech replied

    As far as I know Unreal doesn't do mesh editing like Blender does, it's not for modeling and UV Unwrapping and such. Unreal is more for world building? I would put it. In it you place stuffs you did in other software's, you bring things into Unreal so you can make them work in real time and light your scene, build your world, etc. When I was trying out Unreal, I kept asking where do I do a render, and people told me Unreal doesn't do proper renders, it's not a rendering engine like that. It does render real time your scene, but it's not a hit the render button kind of thing. I don't know for sure, I just remembered that just now. 

    I'd say both software's have their level of complexity, it's just that in Unreal you don't have to make the object and meshes, you bring them into Unreal, but objects have to come from some place, and that is Blender, or 3DS Max or Maya, etc. And for sure if you learn Blender or other 3D software, you'll be more comfortable in Unreal Engine 5, they all speak the same 3D language, one informs of the other and are intertwined. The way I see it, I like doing all my meshes and objects in Blender, do all my building there, then I can do real time scenes in Eevee or Unreal. Right now Unreal Engine 5 is extremely powerful compared to Eevee, so it is worth learning it, but I'd say don't skip learning Blender overall, it will be your base, your foundation. 

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  • maxcady replied

    I won't skip Blender. :-) I will try Unreal once I finshed the course with Blender.