long rendering times for Cycles by default?

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In B3.0 and up, if I tell it to render in Cycles, it has a message on the screen saying it has maybe 8 hours left to go.

What's up with that? How can I set it to be more well-behaved?

  • Omar Domenech replied
    I see you posted about changing your 10 year old computer already. So yeah, that's the reason for the long render times. The beefier your computer, the faster the renders. But in any case, Cycles is slower than Eevee. The first is raytracing and the latter is real time. 
  • CCWieland replied
    one other thing is sheepit.com it is a free render farm for blender. https://www.sheepit-renderfarm.com/getstarted
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  • Martin Bergwerf replied

    Hi eerikitect ,

    I had the exact same thing happening on my old PC. 3.0 (CyclesX) was ten times slower than 2.9. This appears to be, because my GPU wasn't supported (already since 2.7something, I think) and CPU rendering is very ineffective in CyclesX.

    As soon as I got a new Computer everything worked; Cycles is a lot faster than before 3.0! It is not only the amount of RAM on your GPU, but also its age.