Any way to make B3.2 less crashy - other than getting a new computer?

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I have an old MacBook Pro (about 10 years old) with 4gb RAM and I know the website says you need 8gb RAM to run Blender 3.2 but it works. 

Until I try to do something a little bit complicated with shader nodes.

I think it's when I add the seventh node or so, it crashes.

(Geometry node modeling works fine for me though.)

Any setting that will make this less likely? (I think the memory upgrade for my machine is no longer made)

  • Martin Bergwerf replied

    Hi eerikitect ,

    well, 10 years old is really borderline as far as Blender is concerned. A memory upgrade wouldn't even be enough if it were still possible.

    I guess your best bet (apart from a new/used computer) would be to try an older version of Blender (...and lose GN and some other features of course..).

  • erikitect replied

    Well they sell new computers with 4gb, so I don't really have less memory than many people who just got a new computer.

  • erikitect replied

    But 3.0 runs okay. 3.0 is probably the best compromise on this machine in terms of having modern enough geometry nodes and everything else working

  • Omar Domenech replied

    I endured for a while with a computer that was very low in specs. I managed because I was still learning 3D, but eventually as I was learning and things got more and more complex, I got to a point where I had to get a new computer, there was just no way around it. I had been a Mac user for many years but Apple kept rising their prices and eventually I had to settle for a Windows computer. I was against it, being accustomed to Mac OSX, but unless I was willing to spend way too much there was no other way. In the end, I got used to Windows really fast after years without using it. It's just folders and files. I'm glad I gave Windows a chance, now I can work on powerful computers and not have to donate a kidney. Bare in mind, I use Mac at work and PC at home, I am fine using both, yet if I ever stop doing 3D and I just want t normal computer to get online, I'd use Mac because of their ease of use.