Fix dark edges in baking process

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Does anyone know how to fix dark corners around 90° angles in the blender baking process?

They appear on Edges where 2 faces connect, doesn't matter if they are 2 objects or connected, there is a seam which separates the floor. Looks like the edge of the texture get some pixels with other shadow information from somewhere. it also happens on outward facing edge like a cube. Increase texture size only helps a little bit to make it less noticeable. Is there something else i can try?




  • Martin Bergwerf replied

    Hi Tobias, I can't reproduce this, but I'd suggest improving your Unwrap and if there are still problems, maybe it helps to reduce the Margin in the Bake Settings (under Output).

  • Tobias Schmid(benkroft) replied

    thanks. It looks like it is more visible in underlit areas. Other margins dont change the output. I will keep testing

  • Martin Bergwerf replied

    Did you clean up your UV Unwrap?

    Because not- perfectly horizontal or vertical edges in the UV space (like you have in your screenshots), look thicker, because of Anti Aliasing (they use more pixels..).

    Might not make much of a difference, but it won't get worse!


  • Omar Domenech replied

    Maybe you can share your file, so we can trouble shoot. Delete everything that is not necessary and just leave the textures and the walls, so the file isn't too large in MB. So basically leave in the parts to troubleshoot only. It's hard to figure things out when baking, it's such a finicky process.  

  • Tobias Schmid(benkroft) replied

    I have setup a testfile, u find it here:

    i know it is pretty suttle and hard to see, but in a bigger scale its more visible

    there are 3 objects and 3 baked textures:

    1= 2 seperate meshes not connected = seam visible
    2= 1 connected mesh, 1 conected uv island = no seam visible
    3= 1 connected mesh, but separate uv islands = seam visible

    i'm looking to solve nr 1 and 3, because nr 2 with no seams is pretty rare and dont allow big complex meshes and has a lot of streching