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I'm currently working in Blender 3.1.2 and everything seems fine but when I go into sculpt mode, I get this big block of red color (see image) when I mouse over the default sphere (or anything else I attempt to sculpt). 

I have explored the possibility that it may have something to do with my graphics drivers but it seems less likely since this only occurs during sculpt mode. Maybe an addon conflict??.....

Any help is greatly appreciated!


  • Adrian Bellworthy replied

    Hey forrest-harless,

    Your image is not visible, try adding it below.

    Have you tried updating the GPU driver?

  • spikeyxxx replied

    Could also simply be a Face Set...try to go to Face Sets > Face Set from Visible to clear the Face Sets...

  • Forrest Harless(forrest-harless) replied


    Thanks for the feedback! I'll try to reload the pic ref and I keep a tight eye on my GPU driver updates. Also, I'm running duel Nvidia 1060 CUDA and wondered if having duel cards might play into it. I did perform an OpenGL fix recently and considered whether that may have played a part as well.


    I'm not familiar with Face Sets. Can you elaborate?


  • spikeyxxx replied

     forrest-harless I am on ¨holiday¨ at the moment and don have access to Blender, but Face Sets are a bit like masks, that allow you to sculpt only on parts of the Mesh, but you can have several different ones (with each a different color) at the same time...

    But for some reason, sometimes, when you enter Sculpt Mode a Face Set is automatically created, coloring your mesh , or part of it.

    You can find a dropdown menu on top of the 3D Viewport, when in Sculpt Mode. (or use Search).

  • Forrest Harless(forrest-harless) replied


    Thanks so much for the response and apologies for not having an image ref yet but the color being produced isn't appearing on the geometry of the object. It's appearing right on the actual screen area (mostly upper right quadrant) when I hover over the object. 

    I'll make an effort to upload an image that might make better sense of it soon. I'm also away from my system but may be able to provide a ref in a day or two.

    Thanks again!

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