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Hallo dear community
Having an issue that although I can make the Water drops on my surface, but can not manage to put them in a certain spot, in that case closer to the ice cubes. I would like to have the surrounded area blank.
I know it can be done with the nodes eg some math trick… or colour ramp setting but just couldn’t figure it out.
anybody out there who knows that? I wanna do it this way because of a learning process… no texture or uv unwrap.
appreciate your help
thank you

  • spikeyxxx replied

    There are so many ways to do this, but maybe try this (not so well-known and rather under-used) Modifier:


  • mastart replied

    Thank you Spikey, this seems a great idea but I can't handle them, it looks a bit bugy to me. Sometimes they react to my tweaking sometimes they don't.

    But thank you for your time.

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  • spikeyxxx replied

    The Lowest and Highest values in the Modifier are very important; When you go into Weight Paint Mode on the Plane, you can cleary see what they are doing. Also, when you make a change, you might need to refresh the Particle System (I usually change the Seed) in order for it to update.

    And make sure that your icecubes are 1 Object.

    It's similar to Dynamic Paint, but not dynamic (at least not when used with a Particle System) and with greater control over the fall-off.

    Of course a more obvious choice would be to use Geometry Nodes for this.

    I haven't been using it lately, but a simple setup like this already gets you close:


    You have to use a Object Info Node for each cube, because it calculates the distance to the Origin of the Object.

  • mastart replied

    Uhh that sounds promising :-) Thank you!

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