Blue tint around eyes due to subsurface modifier

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Hi guys,

I got blue tint around the eyes after turning on subsurface on the PBSDF shader. I suspect this is because the skin around the eyes here quite thin. 

Do you think I should just thicken the area here? 

Or do you have any other suggestion? I've played around with the subsurface radius and turning down the blue does not seem to do anything. Turning down the red radius, brings down the red and the blue however. 


Edit: I cannot upload image to this question somehow (stuck in processing) - here is the blue tint around eyes image

  • spikeyxxx replied

    Hi Mel, SSS is as complex as the Musgrave Texture, changing one setting, also changes how the other settings work. And then there is the lighting and the size of everything. There is a lot of playing around here, but the color with the lowest Radius is what tints the thinnest parts of your mesh.

    I think your SSS is to strong, or your Radii are too large.

    I have found that using the Fixed Radius version of Random Walk gives better (less waxy) results and also helps with the blue color.

    Left 'normal' Random Walk, right Fixed Radius:


    I am using a Vector Math Node to easily change the Scale of the SSS (not the amount) to fit the Model size:


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  • Kent Trammell replied

    Great technical answer from Spikey. I'll have to remember that myself.

    I would say that, while the blue is off-putting in my experience as well, it usually tends to diminish naturally as you add skin textures and adjust the RGB radii. If the blue is still present at the end of the lighting + shading then I would focus on the SSS settings to get rid of it.

    Most of the time the the blue crops up for me when the RGB radii are too far apart from each other (ex R=1, G=0.3, B=0.1). The closer I push all the values toward 1 the less blue tint (ex R=1, G=0.6, B=0.3). But the cost there is also losing some of the redish-orange scatter tint. Keep in mind you can also use masking to do this in only problematic areas, the eyes of which are common.

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  • Mel C(melinmotion) replied

    Oh wow thank you for such detailed answer spikeyxxx and Kent.  I understand SS Radius better now - Didn't realise it is so complex.  I have halved my SSS and the blue tint is still there but not too bad. As Kent said I will just keep on going for time being and see if the issue will diminish naturally or even masking it if necessary. 

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