Glad to see this updated for version 3!

Great series. Will prob watch it again to brush up on the basics. Already got some new tips on the selection tools. PS, love the banksy! That one is my fave too.

  • adrian replied

    I agree, I have watched it even though I have been using Blender for what seems like forever, as @jlampel says there is always something new to learn.

    I also agree with the Banksy, I don't think its an original though, if it was it would painted directly on the wall.

  • Jonathan Lampel replied

    Hey thanks, hope you find at least one helpful new thing! 

    I found that print at a garage sale for like $15 and now it's my favorite too, especially after watching Exit Through the Gift Shop. 

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  • techworker1 replied

    I also wanted to say this is a great course. I've used Blender quite a bit since 2012/2.63, and I'm still picking up useful things. Trying to get seriously into 3.0.