Penguin (Maya) Final

Week 6, 7 and 8 (!) at CG Spectrum had me sculpting in Maya for the very first time! Very happy that the model we're creating is something as easy and smooth as a penguin, because I sure do prefer working on hard surfaces rather than soft ones X)

Didn't do a lot of sculpting in Blender but I can definitely tell that Maya works... differently, like the tools available and how the mesh transforms during the sculpting process. I'd say that Blender is way, way better at this! Anyways, this is only meant for dipping our toes and getting a feel for what sculpting is and roughly how it works, as we'll be using ZBrush next term!

As seen on the pics, which have been uploaded in chronological order from the bottom up, I eventually redid the wings completely and this was due to feedback from my mentor! She found it slightly strange how the instructor always likes to steer away from the reference images quite a bit in every project; always adding his own details and interpreting things as he sees fit.
The wings on this penguin was one of those things and my mentor said not to follow his instructions on the matter, but stay true to the references given - because that's how we'll be working on an actual project from an actual client! "The difference between being a 3D artist and a 3D modeler, and this course is about becoming a modeler", as she put it, and she's definitely right about that!

Between week 7 and 8, a lot of smoothing of the body, feet and beak as well as further altering of the wings were done by my mentor while using ZBrush, because she didn't want me to have to go through the pain of making those changes in Maya - and neither did she X) And because she was doing it on video feed it also meant that I could see the power of ZBrush for the very first time! Looking forward to next term and the introduction course for ZBrush.

And then, finally, the penguin was textured during week 9 and assembled in the 10th week - resulting in all of those top pictures that you see! Turned out really good imho ^^

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