Top 3 Blender Questions from March 2023

Mar 30th 2023

If you aren't familiar with our monthly roundup of most common questions, let's get you caught up. 

You are one of the most valuable aspects of a CG Cookie membership. You make up a community that is learning together, asking important questions, and helping each other over roadblocks. Posing a question to the group provides the opportunity to get a variety of answers and suggestions to find the one that works best for you. 

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With the help of our Instructor Assistants Adrian, Omar, Martin and Shawn who you often see answering those questions, we have gathered these 3 common Blender questions being asked in our community right now and the best answers to keep you going!

For past posts on this series, look for more articles from Adrian on the Top 2 Blender Questions from past months. 

Here are our questions from March and the answers to go with them.

What's the difference between Object Mode scale and apply vs Edit Mode scale?

Is scaling and applying transform in Object mode exactly the same as scaling in Edit mode?
If not, what are the differences?

Yes, it is exactly the same, at least the result is the same. The way you get there is different, but that is not important.  Its a bit like going left once and up twice versus going up twice and then left once...

However, they do have their different behaviors depending on some factors. 

If you scale in edit mode, and if you have a modifier like the mirror modifier, which is dependent on the origin point, then it will alter the result of the mirror modifier, unless the 3D cursor is located at the object origin, and the pivot point is set to 3D cursor.

So it depends on a case by case basis, there is no wrong answer, you can scale depending on your situation.

Why can I not see the extrude in solid display mode?

I'm having this situation where my extruded door isn't showing in solid mode. I can only see it in wireframe mode.


In this case, it looks like this has to do with the mirror.   You have geometry on the wrong side of the line of symmetry, which is being mirrored back across in front of your door.

Delete the geometry to the left of the object origin.


Why can I not perform an outset?

This should help if you are not sure why you cannot do an outset.


You can't see this in Face Select Mode, but I suspect that you have Double Vertices.

Select all (A) and Merge (M) by Distance.

You can tell you have doubles because the edges are not highlighted.

Here with the vertices selected, you can see how the edges connected to the vertices get that orange selection highlight.


And here you can see the edges are not highlighted because the vertices are doubled up.


Want to learn more about these concepts?  Check out Fundamentals of 3D Mesh Modeling in Blender. 

Keep posting your questions in the Community Forum and be sure to check out Office Hours where you can spend an hour with a CG Cookie instructor who will address your questions in real time.

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