Project: Art of Blender Update #4

Aug 12th 2013

We are getting close to pre-orders

CG Cookie received over 650 individuals entries to this project! I've created an excel sheet which would make a rancor shudder in fear to help keep track of it all. That being said we are approaching the final stretch for the creation of the Art of Blender volume one.

Content, Content and More Content...

AOB_mockup_01 It has been an eye-opening experience learning what we can and cannot show in the Art Book. For one artists have been working to remove all company brands and logos from their renders. There is also this little fuzzy law of "Likelihood of confusion" which we are dancing around. Overall this has only affected a couple artists,and we've found ways to work through it. A bummer we have to deal with this type of legality on an Art Book. ;P However I am learning quite a bit to be in fantastic shape for Volume two. ;) This week, Brian Malcolm the layout artist, will be in the studio working closely with me to piece all of these entries together. We are feeling the book should come together fairly quick with majority of the grid and style sheets designed. Although everyone should give a big hats off to all of the hard work the contributing artists have put in to get their renders looking fancy at 3500px plus!

What will be in the Art Book?

The Art Book is looking to be broken down into a few sections. These section ideas are fairly organic at the moment and subject to change. Currently I am looking at to have the following types of content: Films of Blender Section, Making of specific renders, Community Gallery with sub-groups of these. (Vehicles, Sculpting, and Architecture) are the 3 currently boasting the most content. I am hoping to announce pre-orders within 3-4 weeks of this post. Be sure to put your name on the Art of Blender newsletter to be one of the first notified when this happens.

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