Project: Art of Blender Update #3

Jul 10th 2013

The Art of Blender cover has been finalized!

The cover art is from the Caminandes short film. Caminandes is a Creative Commons movie made by Pablo Vazquez, Beorn Leonard, and Francesco Siddi. Special thanks to Pablo Vazquez for helping wrangle in some quite large resolution renders. In addition to the cover, the Caminandes film will be featured in a 2-3 page break-out in the Art Book.

What else is going on...

art-of-blender-cover-2books CG Cookie has received over 500 individual entries and counting! With the submission deadline approaching  (July 15th ) I am certain this will continue to increase. Quite a bit of time lately has been devoted to downloading submissions, getting them in front of the panel, logging them and organizing the project drive. In addition to the above, I've recently sent quite a few notifications e-mails out this week. I am planning on sending out phase 01 acceptance e-mails within the next few days. The main hold up has been finalizing the required resolutions for renders and getting an author agreement drafted. With those two items complete the pace should greatly increase. Next on the list is to finalize the style guides which will determine the presentation of the content within. For example establishing, what does a quote look like, how does an image with author credit look, film breakouts, etc.. The goal is to keep things simple enough where it doesn't distract from the art, yet has some artistic flare to it. ;) Oh, great news for the international community. We've established a shipper in Prague whom will be shipping all CG Cookie international Art Book orders. This should help reduce shipping costs and transit times. Following pre-sales, the book will also be available for regular orders on the Blender E-Shop. I think this covers the updates for the moment. I am hoping to have more information on pre-sale dates on the next update. Don't forget Jonathan, Myself and Kent will be helping out at the Blender Booth at Siggraph this year. If you are attending be sure to swing by and say hello! See you on the next one! To receive notifications on this project and others join our newsletter.  

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