Project: Art of Blender Update #2

Jun 25th 2013

With the launch of 4.0 complete, we are able to give focus back to our next big project, the "Art of Blender"! Yesterday morning I was able to start sending out notifications to artists who have submitted renders. If you have not received word yet on your entry, hang tight as notification either way will be coming. We did learn a few things which will not allow some of the entries received to be published. With this being a large project to undertake, we've brought on legal consult to help ensure this is done correct and nobody get in trouble down the road after 1,000 to 2,000 books have been printed. ;) Fan Art no matter how awesome it may be, cannot be accepted. This bums us out because there were some pretty rad renders submitted. However this also gets us excited as it contributes to the “uniqueness” of this book and increases its value. An Art Book by Blender-heads full of creative original ideas! Renders with company logos, or closely resembling company brands will have to be altered or may not accepted. Unfortunately this goes for vehicles to. I will be reaching out to some artists with their vehicle renders that we may just need to have some logos stripped or a modification to get the render into the book. There is some good news to this update however, we’ve decided a cover image! The artist has been contacted and has accepted. On next update I will be able to share out a cover mock-up and more information regarding this. Thank you again for all of the support, if you see a “wow” Blender render online, but sure to ask them to submit it over to CG Cookie. Reminder the final deadline for submissions is July 15th, 2013 -W
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