Project: Art of Blender Update #1

May 25th 2013

It has been a week since CG Cookie announced the "Art of Blender" art book, and it has been quite the first week! I would like to provide regular updates on the progress and things that are happening. How we are holding up, coffee consumption levels and progress of production. Yesterday was fantastic!, Eric (Rep from the printer) was in the Chicago area, so swung by the CG Cookie Studio in Geneva to talk more on the project. He brought by some really slick examples of art books they've printed in the past and spoke more to the production printing process that would take place. It looks like we may be leaning to try and plastic wrap each book as well to avoid any moisture concerns during shipping. update01_stats The entries have been flowing in! Last time I checked, there were more than 250 entries submitted thus far. I am starting to go through them and I will be sending out e-mails if submissions were not accepted, or if they passed the first round. Please be patient as this process happens. If you were accepted please keep in mind there may still be a bit of work/recommendations to your image to have it lime-light ready! I also was able to speak with Ton from the Blender Foundation and will be working to include images from the 3 Blender Foundation Films, and breakouts from other community leaders. More info as things are firmed up. Met with the layout artist (Brian Malcolm) as well whom will be developing the style and overall feel of the book. His indesign knowledge and print experience is infinitely stronger than mine, so wanted to bring on somebody whom lives/breathes the print world. That should do it for now, and keep the submissions coming in, and if you see a grand master render done with Blender online, be sure to toss them over to the submission form! W    
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