Project: Art of Blender Update #6

Oct 10th 2013

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CG Cookie is in the middle of our web sprint week, mass amounts of Redbull and coffee are being consumed, however I did want to take a moment to update on the progress of Art of Blender! Design of the book is complete! But what does this mean? Before the physical copies are actually printed, there are a few steps it must pass through.


  • Currently the book file is undergoing technical checks. Meaning, did we set up the file correctly for the printer to accept it, etc.
  • Once cleared from the technical check, we are expected to receive a low resolution copy to review
  • If all looks good, CG Cookie will order a pre-press hard-cover copy. This will be a single copy of the actual book for final review.
  • Then we are on to final approval and a couple thousand copies will be produced!
  • Still looking to be available by the end of November to early December 2013.

What to expect next?

Once the project is through the checks, it will be a bit of a waiting game, however be sure to register for the Blender Cookie Newsletter for project updates, or check the CG Cookie Blog page here. Thank you so much for all of the support of the project! - Wes
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