New Authors Abound!

Jan 29th 2014

We are constantly on the lookout for great new authors to create amazing content for the Cookie sites. The authors we work with are a constant source of inspiration, collaboration, and of course, education. In the last few weeks I'm thrilled to say we've had four new authors published on our sites!

Blender Cookie - Gleb Alexandrov 

Gleb is a fantastic artist, the winner of our 2013 Halloween Contest and an incredibly talented Blender user.  He's been an active user on CG Cookie for some time now, and we're glad to have him as an author!

Concept Cookie - Max Karpsten

As his site says, Max is drawing! Max has published his first tutorial on Concept Cookie talking about strokes and colors. Just looking at his blog he's got a real knack for quick, dynamic sketches. In particular, his Zelda drawings are just awesome and bring back many nostalgic memories.

Max Cookie - John Juarez

John has been working in the advertising and game industry for ten years, working with clients that include McDonalds, Toyota, General Mills, and Logitech to name a few. His latest project was as the CG Art Director and Creative Partner for the White Storm Saga. Be sure to check out his great spaceship work.

Unity Cookie - Mike Rossi

Mike is a UI and UX nerd with three years of experience in the game industry. He's currently an Interface Technical Artist for Volition. He works with the UI artists and programmers to help improve workflows and create the UI for their games (one of which includes Saints Row 4).
Give these guys a warm welcome! - Jonathan
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