Mobile Game: Eat Sheep

Oct 29th 2014

Passion Project

Eat Sheep was our first passion project at CG Cookie and was a blast to make. The idea behind a passion project is to enable the crew to have a creative outlet to work on something outside the normal day to day tasks at CG Cookie. This time around we all decided we wanted to make a game, so we did. :) Download on iTunes Eat Sheep still has a special place in our hearts and always will. Though it is no longer being updated/developed the team is getting eager to take on another passion project soon!

About the Game

Play as a Monster while navigating your way through three worlds to catch the fleeing sheep before they can reach the barn in this top-down puzzle game! STORY: With the ability to count sheep into the thousands people were getting too much sleep and the worlds productivity has plummeted! To help fight this epidemic of Sheep, Monsters have been released into the wild to reduce the sheep population in a last ditch effort by local secret organizations. Navigate your monster around the levels in Eat Sheep while reducing the world's sheep population. You do this by consuming Sheep, Rams, and Mammoth hybrids! GAME HIGHLIGHTS:
  • 60 hand designed playable levels across 3 worlds.
  • Play as Melvin or one of the other three lovable monsters.
  • Upgrade your Monsters speed and abilities.
  • Collect the 3 world trophies
  • Collect Wool as in-game currency to be used for unlocking new monsters, upgrading their abilities and buying cookies to keep them energized.


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Game Trailer

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