Coming Soon: Quizzes, XP and Leaderboard

Jul 31st 2014

CG Cookie is about to get better

Online learning is becoming the new viable option for artists around the world to pursue their careers and hobbies without stepping foot into a classroom, or paying the typically more expensive costs of higher learning. There are a slew of sites offering education through blogs, tutorials and of course YouTube. However there usually remains the question of, "How am I doing?" or "Am I really learning from this blog post"?  Today I am excited to share what CG Cookie has been working on to help answer these questions.

Introducing quizzes

quiz_ss_01 At launch Quizzes will be attached to a few courses available to Citizens on the site. Quizzes will be listed on the left hand side on the course overview page, while also displaying the amount of XP you've earned and potentially could earn. Quizzes will present questions about the current course to test your knowledge and help you grow as an artist while also making the site and the education more interactive. These quizzes will be built right into the courses, making for a intuitive, stream-lined learning process.We will be working to add quizzes to more of our courses throughout the year.

Leaderboard and Rank

quiz_ss_02 Digital art careers are very competitive and tough to obtain. The other day I was joking with a friend of mine and how much fun it was in college to be in a computer lab with our group of friends. We would all comically critique each others work, all while secretly thinking "Oh man I really need to get better". This friendly competition motivated each of us to get better. The leaderboard will help mimic this community environment and encourage some friendly competition to see how you rank amongst your peers. 

XP and Levels

quiz_ss_03 XP and levels are being introduced to provide the infrastructure point/award system for passing quizzes and interacting with the site. For example to reach a level 2 CG Cookie user you may have to obtain more than 200XP. Leveling is an additional layer to the progress of your time here learning with CG Cookie. A common question which has even come up with our internal team a few times is, "What reward do I get for having the highest XP?" I feel the answer to that question is based on you and why you are here. Meaning, to be involved in a site such as CG Cookie, paying for a membership, or spending those late nights up watching lessons, I imagine there is intrinsic motivation and desire to get better. Quizzes and XP are step in the right direction to offer another feedback mechanism of progress/success in your efforts. :)

When will it be released?

As I type this the CGC crew is testing, taking quizzes and trying to break it as much as possible. If testing continues to go well this feature should be released in the coming weeks!  
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