Introducing Office Hours | Spend an Hour with a CG Cookie Instructor

Mar 30th 2023

Your Blender questions answered in real time.

CG Cookie has a huge library of top notch courses. Behind those courses are a small group of humans who are passionate about teaching Blender: Kent Trammell, Jonathan Lampel, Wayne Dixon and Paul Caggegi.

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Your CG Cookie subscription gives you access to these courses, these people, and an entire Blender community learning together.

If you are ever stuck on a course, you can always ask a question and our Instructors or Instructor Assistants will help you past any roadblocks. 

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Want to share your WIP, get feedback or ask a larger Blender question? Talk to the community in the Community Forum and leverage the wisdom of an entire group of Blender fanatics. 

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We are all here to help. And now you will also have the opportunity for more live face time with a CG Cookie instructor with the introduction of Office Hours.  

What is Office Hours? 

Each week our instructors will make themselves available to CG Cookie citizens for real time conversation, addressing your immediate questions. 

How it Works.

  • Instructors will list their available office hours as a topic in the Community Forum.
  • Cg Cookie Citizen members can submit topics and questions they would like the instructor to tackle during that hour.
  • The instructor will host a live conversation with a small group of participating subscribers on discord to cover as many topics and questions as they can in the allotted hour.
  • Everyone is welcome to tune in on discord for the hour and a few citizens who suggested topics and asked questions will be invited to participate in a small group discussion during office hours.   

Be sure to join the CG Cookie discord, look for the office hours channel and keep an eye out on the Community Forum for office hours to be posted by instructors.  We'll see you soon live on discord. 

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Update June 21st, 2023

Hey everyone, 

This is the last week for Office Hours

For the past few months, CG Cookie’s team of instructors has made themselves available to have an open mic to answer questions from our community, and it’s been a lot of fun. So many exciting projects and questions from the community. ❤️

As this experiment ends this week, please join me in a massive thank you to the instructors for making themselves available, sometimes at odd hours, to help elevate those in the community. If they were helpful to you, please let it be known below. 

We’re passionate about helping you make cool stuff with Blender and will continue to innovate and evolve ways we can mentor and help those also looking to wield the power of Blender. 

If you did participate in Office Hours, we’d love to hear from you either below or by answering a few quick questions below. 

Submit your Office Hours feedback - 

Thanks again and happy Blending! 

Wes Burke

Founder, CG Cookie


Amber Kelly

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