Help Desk Updated!

Apr 18th 2014

I am excited to share that we've just finished migrating to a new Help Desk backed by Help Scout, which I think you are really going to enjoy. Well as much as you can with help desk software. ;)  We decided to move to HelpScout after realizing we may be over complicating our support process with user logins, accounts that are not linked to CGC and such. With this new help desk there are no accounts to log into, just send us an e-mail Don't worry though, behind the scenes your e-mail is given just as much care and attention as before, if not even more. With this new system we are also able to bring on additional crew members to help out.
Just send us an e-mail to [email protected], simple as that!

Simplified Docs and Self-help Section

"Self-Help" seems to be the new buzz word with online support desks, though perhaps it is the most accurate. Self-help means that we hope to document the site well enough, enabling you can access information to answer your questions instantly at all hours of the day, of course if you don't find your answer e-mail us at [email protected].

Support Hours

Being a global site we try to have the help desk manned for most hours of the days, though our primary focus is on 8am - 6pm Monday through Friday CST. Emails received outside of these times or weekends, they will get answered, though please be patient as there may be less of us online to answer. :) As always thank you for all of the support of us and the site! - Wes
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