Fall Discount + Summer in Review

Sep 27th 2014

As the leaves begin to change color, it is typically a time to reflect on the past few months and prepare for mass amounts of snow to fall! ;) Fall is a busy time for CG Cookie, with lots of activity all around, so I wanted to take a moment to share what is new around the site and what the crew has been up to. Cozy on up with CG Cookie this Fall and let’s get started!

CG Cookie keeps getting better

Along with the weekly content that’s added to each site, and constantly expanding our library, there is so many other things happening weekly at CG Cookie that it’s difficult even for us to keep track. Sometimes it’s best to just stop and take a moment to catch up. Here’s a few of the things the Crew has been working on...

Quizzes and XP

This Summer brought numerous updates to the site, though none more exciting than the launch of quizzes and gamification; a custom-built platform that will not only challenge you to keep learning, but test you on the information that you have retained while taking a Cookie course. Quizzes are enabled on a few courses so far, with more being added each week.

3D printing focus

The world of 3D printing is just exploding right now and it’s a fun time to be involved. As more and more printers hit the market, becoming ever more consumer friendly, we’re actively working on launching more 3D printing material on CG Cookie to help get you started. The first of many courses landed in September. If you haven’t dabbled in 3D printing yet, I’d highly recommend taking a few moments to explore it and understand how powerful and fun it can be. Imagine creating something on your computer; a character, chess pawn piece or missing part to a lightswitch, and then printing it out into a tangible object the very same day..!

More focus on concise, digestible training

Over the last few years we’ve produced a lot of video tutorials for CG Cookie. In doing this we’ve constantly be working on understanding how we can make this material more adapted to you, the learner. One of the stand-out points that we constantly come back to is that it’s simply too hard for most people (ourselves included) to really make use of long, drawn-out courses. Instead we’ve found the shorter, more concise videos to be much more digestible, learnable, and perhaps most importantly, more fun! With this, we are working to make all new training much more concise, breaking courses into smaller, more relevant segments. A great example of this can be seen in Lisa Schindler’s video on Sculpting an Ear.

Workshops are alive!

After much positive feedback from Jonathan’s Mastering Modeling in Blender workshop, I am thrilled to announce that workshops are back. The newest workshop from Concept Cookie “I Can Draw Anything” has just kicked off and is in full swing. We took the time to create a new workshop platform and launch the first workshop with talented Tim Von Rueden at the helm. Workshops have been a big focus for us for several years now, as they often represent the next step for serious hobbyists or professionals looking to gain skills with a structured environment with direct instructor interaction. Keep and ear out for more workshop announcements in the future!

What’s next?

With all of the above projects, what is next for CG Cookie? I won’t reveal much yet, other than to say that there are many great projects in the works. We’re constantly developing new training, improving the site, and finding other ways to enable you to learn what you’re passionate about. Stay tuned!


Wes Burke
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