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Jan 13th 2015

There have been some subtle changes to CG Cookie’s menu system that you may have picked up on. Late last week ModoCookie, MaxCookie and BlenderArtists were removed from the CG Cookie main navigation dropdown. With one new addition to the menu.

Hey! Why did you remove these from the dropdown?

With the recent launch of, announced earlier this week, we wanted to mitigate the confusion of communities. Blender Artists was removed from the CG Cookie navigation. But no worries, CG Cookie is still managing it, loving it and certainly working to make sure BA is around for years to come. Although there are some changes this year regarding the other two sites.

CG Cookie began as a single site

Meaning the entire CG Cookie library existed within This included our Blender education, Modo, 3D Studio Max and many others. Over time we decided to give each software a home, with it’s own name and brand. was born, along with the other sites we know today. At the time it seemed like a move that would allow each “software site” to grow and expand on it’s own. For the most part it has. However, sites we did not have a dedicated manager or the rooted talent within the cookie ranks, always seemed to suffer. (i.e.. Max and Modo ) Going forward in 2015 we are officially placing Modo and MaxCookie on hold from further education development. Modo has not seen updates in a couple year and MaxCookie has always been a low performer of community interest. This was an extremely hard decision, however I am excited for our small crew to focus on Concept, Sculpting, Blender and Unity pipeline education. Software we use ourselves daily at CG Cookie.
Huge thanks to Alessandro Cangelosi for the years of training he has provided on Max and Modo. He has become a good friend and has a pretty rad demo reel worth checking out. The lessons on both sites will certainly remain available for some time.
This is laying the groundwork for some exciting things in 2015 that I cannot wait to share with you. @wesburke -
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