CGCookie now mobile ready

Feb 4th 2014

Tablets and mobiles are being produced at an accelerated rate these days. Apple alone has sold nearly 34 million iPhones, in the fourth quarter of last year. That's a lot of people browsing, and a lot of people ultimately visiting and learning through CG Cookie. Nearly 10% of the traffic to our sites are made up of tablets, and mobile. Knowing this, we set out to make the site respond to the needs of these devices.

What's Responsive?

However it's important to note some differences between mobile ready, and a term called "responsive." The term "responsive" was taken from architecture, believe it or not. Some smart engineers figured out a way to make the walls of a building expand and contract, according to how many people were in the room. The walls, would "respond" to the users. We applied the same thought process to the website. If you grab the edge of your browser, and make it skinny, you can see that the site now reacts to that size. This ensures that the site will be properly formatted for nearly every screen device that exists. Now, there are plugins out there that can automatically make your site mobile ready, however at the expense of branding, and clipped content. It's important that when making a site mobile ready, and responsive, that content is preserved, and not removed. The plugins that tend to make sites mobile ready automatically, apply a general template, which just didn't fit the bill with CG Cookie.

Thoughts, and Feedback?

We'll be working to improve this based on feedback from all of you. So what do you think? Is this a major improvement over the previous non-responsive version of the site, or does this make the site more confusing to use? Sound off below in the comments.
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