CG Cookie Weekly Recap - August 8th

Aug 4th 2014

Last week in education!

wood_01 Leveraging the power of Cycle's node system we're able to achieve a good result that is ideal for wood floors, paneling or other cut wood surfaces. Follow this Citizen lesson from Bartek Skorupa in leaving up your shader-forging skills feature1-2 Learn how to take advantage of rendering a single frame across multiple computers in this tutorial from Kent Trammell
2D Digital Art Training
cyborg In this Citizen tutorial, Danar Worya shows you his process and techniques to create a cyborg profile through photo manipulation!  matte-painting In this Citizen tutorial, Blake Rottinger takes you through his process on creating a matte painting by seamlessly blending photos and digital art techniques.
post-scale-feature Henry ill share his techniques for creating scales for lizard and snakes. Sculpting repetitive shapes like scales can be tedious and time consuming. Henry will demonstrate how to create and use a variety of stamps and tools for achieving consistent shapes quickly. cloths-extraction-header-2 Take a dive into this fundamental technique using the extraction tool with zbrush Tyrus will also show you how to use the Zremesher to create high resolution topology when needed.

Last week with the Cookie Crew

On most days the cookie crew is fast at work with daily tasks to keep the cookie running. This can be from working through Basecamp tasks, website deploys, developing new education or brainstorming future projects. Here is a snippet on what some of us has been up to.

Kent prints his first 3D Model "The Ticketeer"

Designed and sculpted for Pinshapes contest, Test printed with Jonathan Williamson's Form 1+BCgallery_01-970x665

Jonathan, project lead of internal tool development shows off Polystrips Retopology BETA demo.

Continued preparations for SIGGRAPH

This year CG Cookie is sponsoring a portion of the Blender booth. Wes has been working on all the flyer designs and getting things printed! If you are attending be sure to swing by the booth and say hello! flyers

 Hope you enjoyed last weeks recap and see you on the next one!

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