CG Cookie 4.0 Project Update

Jun 3rd 2013

The development journey of 4.0 began in the fall of 2012. 3.0 was beginning to show it's age on the front end as well as the backend. Version 3.0 (current version of CG Cookie) has worked out great, though over the past 2 years it has been patched, updated, twisted and bent to do things it wasn't originally intended to do. So in comes 4.0. [caption id="attachment_72197" align="alignnone" width="607"]Top Control Bar The side control panel is going way for a more expansive top bar allowing easy access to your favorites, stats, and following activity.[/caption] We've had the right crew together working these past 8 months and we are getting very close to releasing the update. I won't go into too many details at the moment though a week before we will release the new version, there will be an official post on sub-sites. Here are a few things I am able to share.

New Design: The site is getting a shave and a haircut to be cleaner and more straight forward in presenting information to you.

Update User Profiles: Currently the user profile is a little light on usability or presence. 4.0 profiles get a fresh revamp, and some new features as well.

Your statistics and dashboard are being improved to house some site usage stats, easy access to your subscription and download links.

Series will become courses and tutorials will become lessons. ;) This terminology greatly helps make sense of the 600+hours of Blender education on the site. With a revamped course page it will be much easier to preview a course, and navigate through the lessons within.

[caption id="attachment_72194" align="alignnone" width="599"]profile_page_peek A glimpse into the top portion of the new profile page.[/caption] There are close to a 100 new updates, though the one that we are really excited to get out there is having the option to download the HD Video or the Source files in separate downloads! One of the most requested features we've seen on the surveys! :) We are getting close and will have more information leading up to the launch of the site. Currently we are looking at the middle of June if the internet plays nice!  
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