Blender Tutorials: 10 Essential and Free Videos for Aspiring Artists

Aug 17th 2023

Diving into 3D modeling with Blender can feel overwhelming, especially when starting. But worry not, budding digital artists! We've curated a list of 10 beginner-friendly tutorials from our very own YouTube channel to guide you through the basics and ignite your passion for 3D creation. 

Whether you're keen on crafting simple objects or animating your first scene, these tutorials are tailored to be consumable and have some fun. 

1 - The Blender Basics 

This is one of the most-watched videos on our channel, and it's a great place to start if you're new to Blender or want a refresher.

2 -Top Five Modeling Tools in Blender

This video tutorial will show you the top 5 Blender beginner modeling tools you need to create any 3D model. Start with a simple cube and use these tools to transform it into anything you can imagine.

3 - Six Key Principles for 3D Modeling

There is a lot of noise when it comes to 3D modeling in Blender, but it can all be simplified into a few basic rules that apply to any model you are creating; Form, detail, scale, adaptation, reuse, and surface quality.

4 - Top Six Blender Nodes to Make any Material in Blender

If you want to start creating your own procedural materials or sharpen your existing skills as a CG artist, this CG Cookie Blender tutorial is for you.

Well cover six nodes to help you create faster; Texture Coordinate Node, Color Ramp, Noise Texture, Voronoi, Mix RGB, and the Bump Node. 

5. Bump Maps and Normals in Blender, how do they work? 

To make a single polygon object look super-detailed, you can use normals. Normals are a powerful tool for altering the way that Blender renders objects. They are an essential tool for creating impressive 3D objects.

Normals are vectors that indicate the direction of a face's surface. By changing the normals of a face, you can change how it is rendered. For example, you can make a face appear convex or concave, or you can make it appear lit from a different angle.

6. Tips for Optimizing Game Assets in Blender

Optimize game assets in Blender with topology, baking, and channel packing. Learn how to localize geometry, dissolve excess edges, and break up meshes. Simplify materials, reduce draw calls, and get more out of texture resolution.

7 - Tentacle Rig - How to build it in Blender

In this Blender tutorial, you will work with Chunck to create a reasonably capable rig using Inverse Kinematics and Bone Constraints. You will also develop a simple animation cycle using simple block-out keyframes, and use procedural animation to cover the rest. 

8. How to make realistic cookies in Blender

Learn cool modeling tricks in Blender and the use of simple (but effective) procedural shaders. If you want a beginner tutorial with impressive results, try making these 3d cookies!

From the default cube... to a realistic chocolate chip cookie 🍪

9. Model and texture your first Blender scene

Pong is, of course, one of the first computer games ever created. So let's immortalize it with Blender while learning some essential workflow steps that you can use for future projects.

10. Animate your first Blender 3D scene: Pong

This project will guide you through blocking and animating a cool pong scene in Blender using the graph editor, timeline, and keyframes.

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