Blender & CG Cookie: Fun for All Ages

May 11th 2023

It’s a common misconception that 3D is exclusively the realm of the young. There’s an incredible segment of the Blender community with people aged 60 years and older. 💪  Maybe you’re one of them.

Well, good news! CG Cookie now has a discount for you.

We understand that people can learn new skills at any age and we want to encourage that. We also know that folks at retirement age often have a fixed income. That shouldn’t stop anyone from learning Blender and playing with all the fun things that can be done in 3D.

We’re offering 50% off our annual membership for seniors who keep their subscriptions active.

Maybe you want to get involved with 3D printing or you’ve always wanted to do 3D art, but never had the time before. Perhaps you want to make something cool in 3D to connect with your gamer kids or grandkids. Maybe you want to pre-visualize a woodworking project that you’ve been thinking about. Or it’s possible that you just want to pick up new skills and Blender looks like fun (it is)!

Whatever your reason, if you’re over 60 and you want to learn Blender, CG Cookie wants to help you make that happen.

So how does it work?

The process to qualify for our senior discount is similar to what we use for active students. You apply to get a unique sign-up code. You just need the following things:

  • ✅ A scanned copy of some form of ID to validate your age
  • ✅ An email address
  • ✅ Be at least 60 years old

Send these using this form 👉 to get the process started. Shortly after you apply, someone from our team (yes, a real person) will send you an email with your unique sign-up code.

What happens once you sign up?

  • ⭐️ You'll have access to stream 100's of Blender courses,
  • ⭐️ submit exercises to our instructor team for personalized feedback,
  • ⭐️ ask questions on the forum,
  • ⭐️ be eligible for retiree of the year 😉 


Amber Kelly

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