Sculpting Basics

In this course you will be introduced to the most basic principles of traditional sculpting. We will look at different sculpting mediums, the tools you need for sculpting, what wire armatures are and we have a crash course on materials science to get you ready to make a mold of your sculpture and cast in resin.

Welcome to traditional sculpting! I hope you are excited to jump into the world of sculpting in clay, and I am happy to help you along; show you some tricks and get you up close and personal with the materials and tools you need to do the job! This is a basic introductory course in which we will check out the difference between the most popular sculpting mediums to learn the pros and cons. That should help you decide on what material to buy so you can sculpt along and try some of the techniques I will show you in later courses. I will explain the most common types of sculpting tools and show you how you can easily make your own tools that are perfectly suited to the job at hand. We also will be looking at wire armatures, what they are and when you use them, and then we will take a quick look at what types of molds you can make, and what materials there are to create a permanent copy of your clay original. There will also be a crash course in materials science - which applies to molding rubbers and casting materials - that will explain some of the common terminology associated with these materials to help you understand what this gibberish means when you go out and buy these materials.

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