Sculpting a Zombie Clown Bust

Learn the entire workflow from initial preparation to sculpting techniques to even building a custom display case. Supported by decades of experience working with practical and digital effects for Hollywood, Henry Darnell walks you through his expert workflow using polymer clay.

Sculpting in the Real World

It's one thing to create digital sculptures in the computer and another thing to create them physically. Working without digital staples like undo and automatic symmetry will separate the men from the boys! While every digital artist loves to see their model textured and rendered beautifully, deep down I think we all want to see them sitting on our desk even more. That's what Henry is here to show us! Henry's 20+ years of experience in the field of practical FX for film and television make him an excellent instructor for sculpting a physical maquette. In this course he's going to walk you through the entire process of sculpting this demented Zombie Clown! 

Artwork by Tim Von Rueden

Buckle up fun for a fun and thorough ride! Henry not only covers his sculpting workflow in depth, but also a wide variety of related topics:

  • Polymer Clays: This type of clay is commonly used and commonly found in craft stores like Michaels. Henry briefly overviews the different types of polymer clays.
  • Tools: Henry shares his large collection of sculpting tools from X-Acto knives to dentists' accessories. You can buy tools specifically for sculpting at local craft stores.
  • Armatures: These are important for supporting your sculpture as a structure. Metal wire and aluminum foil are commonly used and found at local hardware stores/grocers.
  • Baking Procedure: Baking clay can ensure long-life for your sculpture or it can bring it cracking and crumbling to the ground. It's important to do it correctly!
  • Painting Techniques: Henry explains several painting/finishing techniques including washes, glossy fingernail polish, and resin curing for eye lenses. He gets his resin from
  • Custom Display Case: Finally, Henry demonstrates how to build a custom display case for your sculpture!
"I haven't been this glued to a training course in a long time. Every word from Henry bears the weight of extensive experience." -Kent Trammell

CC Music: "Spheres (Hip Hop Instrumental)" by Robbero

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