Fundamentals of Particle Systems

Learn how to use the Shuriken particle system in Unity to create various effects like fire, smoke, sparks and much more.

Learn How to Add Special Effects Touches with the Shuriken Particle System

In this course you'll learn the fundamentals of using the Shuriken particle system in Unity 5. The particle system in Unity can be quite robust and has a ton of settings and functions to create anything from smoke and fire to magic spell effects. The particle system component can seem a bit daunting at first which a total of 16 modules (17 if you include the main settings) available and each with their own sub-menus and settings. This course will cover all modules to include sub-settings to make creating effects a far simpler task. Things covered in this course include:

  • Controlling the emission and shape of particles
  • Using curves for fine tuning of various module settings
  • Utilizing wind zones to mimic virtual wind blowing particles around
  • Applying collisions to game objects which can then be used with scripted functions
  • Using sub-emitters for things like impact particles or tiered particle effects
  • Applying sprite sheets in place of traditional materials for realistic effects

This course will be fairly in depth covering all modules, how you would use them and tips and tricks for things like fading colors. At the end I'll also show you a fun and easy way to create a firefly effect using a texture from Photoshop and a few modules to show you the power and easy of the Shuriken particle system.


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