Fundamentals of Lighting

Learn the fundamentals of global illumination in Unity. Adjust ambient lighting, skyboxes, lightmaps then take a look at the individual lights to improve the mood of your game.

This course is designed to teach you all about Unity's new Global Illumination system. Now that Unity 5 personal edition has everything "unlocked" you can create games that have amazing lighting and shadows applied, a feature once reserved for "pro" users. This will be a fairly short course that shows you the basics of lighting. Some lighting concepts we'll look at include:

  • Light Probes for Sampling light
  • Directional Lights
  • Light Cookies
  • Static vs real time light maps
  • Spot Lights

Lighting plays an important part in how your game will looks, regardless of whether you're going for realism. Each light serves a specific purpose and you'll learn how to affect the mood of your game by using the lighting tools Unity has available.

Awarded on completion:

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