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Demystifying Lip Sync Animation in Blender

"Lip Sync" is the art of animating a character's mouth to sync with an audio clip so the character appears to talk. In this course, you'll learn the ins and outs of lip sync animation with Blender 3D.

We'll get you comfortable with the workflow starting in 2D lip sync character animation, and then step up your game by working high quality 3D lip sync sounds and shapes.

This series of blender tutorials includes 3 new rigs so you can get right into lip sync animation!

What You Will Learn

Upgrade your current animation skills as you learn how to translate audio recordings into lip sync character animation. Gain an understanding of sound and shape language and use workflow tricks to speed up your lip sync gestures.

You're characters will be more believable and relatable as you communicate the sounds and shapes the way a viewer expects to see them.

Course Prerequisites

It is 100% recommended that you first complete the Blender Animation Bootcamp before tackling this series of Blender tutorials

You'll also benefit from Animation in Blender Workflow & Body mechanics (optional)

 Audio Analysis

First we'll breakdown an audio clip into phonemes sounds and visemes shapes. This is important for understanding how to construct your character's mouth animation.

2D Lip Sync

We'll get our feet wet by starting with a 2D rig and animation. Using this head rig of Baker, you'll create mouth movement by animating a 'selector' from mouth shape to mouth shape. It's an intuitive way to get comfortable with lip sync.

3D Lip Sync

Then we will move into the third dimension with a fast method based on the Melvin character. This is a quick and easy method for those jobs where you just need to get the job done as fast as possible.

Finally I'll show you how to go that extra mile and do some feature quality lip sync with a simplified 3D Baker character rig. You will see how to void common problems as well as how to squeeze the best animation from your character's mouth.