Creating a 2D Space Shooter

Learn how you can create your own space shooter game using Unity's 2d toolset.

With the introduction of Unity 4.3 an entirely dedicated 2D toolset has been added. Prior to this version, 2D development within Unity was very cumbersome and relied on 3D features that were unnecessary and sometime inefficient for 2D development. But with the addition of the 2D toolset, Unity has removed all those issues of developing 2D projects within Unity. This course is designed to take you from start to finish of production of a 2D space shooter. Some scripting knowledge is required and it is highly recommended you take the Intro to Unity Flow 

Interested in coding in general? Great place to get started is

Topics covered include

  • Project Set up
  • The new sprite texture format
  • The sprite sheet editor
  • Sprite Animations
  • 2D physics with new 2D rigid-bodies
  • 2D colliders
  • Sorting Layers
  • User Interface
  • Music and SFX
  • All scripting needed to create the game

Once completed, you will have a basic understanding of the new 2D toolset and be able to create your own 2D style game. License Info:

Huge thanks to for producing a fantastic assets to start with!

Awarded on completion:

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