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Character Animation Toolkit

This course is essential for learning character animation with Blender. You will get overviews of body animation, facial animation, lip syncing, a complete workflow for animating your character scenes in Blender 3D, as well as insight into 2 different animators' workflows.

Learn Advanced Character Animation in Blender 3D with Beorn Leonard and Nathan Vegdahl

In this Blender 3D character animation training series, you will learn body animation, facial animation, lip-syncing, and a complete workflow for animating your character scenes in Blender 3D using our Cookie Flex Rig.

Beorn guides you through Blender animation tools and the basic principles of character animation.

You will be walked through the complete process of animating two scenes, from storyboarding to layout to blocking to polishing the animation. Animation tutors Beorn and Nathan teach one scene each. A Multi-camera Dialogue Shot and A Physical Acting Shot, respectively.

Nathan will also help you learn Blender rigging and the ins and outs of the Cookie Flex Rig, how to quickly generate many character variations, and how to bring the rig into your scenes. Along with this, you will learn about each of the different Blender animation editors, working with pose libraries, keying, and auto-keying in depth.

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