Creating Clouds in Blender and Eevee

Sep 3rd 2020

Your content hereClouds are an absolute must for any natural environment scene, especially if you're creating an atmospheric mood with an emotional impact, you simply can't do without clouds. 

But as omnipresent as they are in our daily life, they are notoriously tricky to recreate in 3d. Feeling light-headed yet?

Fear not - every dark cloud has a silver lining, and Kent Trammell is here to break the process down...with a brand new course so wispy and light, you'll be feeling like you're on cloud nine.

Start watching the course (lesson 1 is FREE).

"The Blender Cloud Course" Trailer

What You'll Learn in the Course

Cloud = volumetric shapes. This means that they are generated with shader nodes (instead of polygon modeling).

This is where Eevee comes in, making rendering practical - as opposed to the looooong rendering times we must endure in Cycles. We'll get to use Eevee extensively in this course.


The course consists of 8 lessons, split into 2 chapters. 

  • First, you'll learn how to use Blender's shader editor to¬†create a simple cloud volume.
  • Then, we'll increase the complexity and create¬†a detailed cumulus cloud, then¬†wispy cirrus clouds.
  • Eventually, we'll build¬†a complete cloudscape.
  • In the second chapter of the course, we'll transform the light into¬†a sunset¬†
  • Next, we'll animate our clouds.
  • We'll animate a timelapse - and finish with an impressive fly-through.

By the end of the course, you'll be able to create your own clouds of any shape and size.

Where can I watch this?

The course is live here - and lesson 1 is free.

Reminder: Start your FREE 7-day trial to watch the full course, plus 100's of other Blender videos. We also have new courses in the works: Camera Animation in Blender (drops in August), or the Basics of Shading (September).

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Creating Volumetric Clouds with Blender 2.8 and Eevee

This is an earlier livestream by Kent, exploring cloud creation with Eevee. (It was the inspiration for the course!)


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