The CG Cookie Team

  • David Karon
    Chat's at the front of the line
  • Jon Denning
    Creates tools for Blender
  • Wes Burke
    Whatever they tell me to do
  • Wayne Dixon
    Makes things move in Blender
  • Jonathan Lampel
    Makes things in Blender
  • Dayse Morales
    Takes the Cookie to School
  • Pat Karon
    Looks after the Cookie's benefits
  • Pavla Karon
    Edits everything to make us look smarter.
  • Jonathan Williamson
    I break things. Not intentionally....most of the time.
  • Dennis Brown
    Testing and securing stuff
  • Kent Trammell
    Makes things with Blender
  • Nick Haskins
    Writes Code
  • Matthew Muldoon
    Helps Creators and Customers