CUBICITY Blender Course - Out now!

We are excited to announce the CUBICITY Blender course. Watch the teaser below! 👇

We are excited to announce the CUBICITY Blender course that's all about creating and utilizing Blender asset libraries!

One of Blender’s recent features is the Asset Browser which is a welcomed interface for organizing, navigating, and utilizing libraries of models, materials, node trees, poses and more. In other words: 3D assets that can be easily reused, easily shared between scene files, and easily updated if needed.

Asset libraries are extremely important for larger-scale projects and animation pipelines.

In this course I will guide you through the 3 main stages

  1. The CREATION of cute city assets.
  2. The ASSETIZATION of those assets so they’re accessible through the Asset Browser
  3. The ASSEMBLY of those assets into a final, adorable little city.

    I chose this style of the city because it’s got something for every skill level. We’ll begin with simple standalone assets like a light post and a bench and even simple vehicles. These are the kinds of things you can build on your first day learning Blender.

    With Chapter 2, the Blender course expands into more intermediate concepts like asset modularity.

    Things like buildings designed to fit within a grid layout as well as street sections which need to seamlessly snap together geometrically and be seamless within the material.

    Here we will also begin to utilize procedural textures so we can reuse a minimal number of materials for all our assets. In fact we won’t be using a single image texture throughout this project.

    In Chapter 3 we're taking it a step further into advanced techniques.

    You will learn how to create a simple parametric building using geometry nodes.

    We’ll also take a deep dive into automated material randomization, which is very important when reusing assets and materials frequently. Here we will utilize vertex colors to control several conditions within our materials like randomizing colors and illuminating windows.

    There really is something for every skill level in this course! 🤘