Modeling, Texturing and Shading a Treasure Chest in Blender 2.8

"The real treasure lies within..." Yes, it's getting spiritual! This transcendental course covers the full workflow of creating your very own treasure chest and is made for Blender beginners and experienced artists alike. 

Learn the essential skills for all your Blender projects

This course will show you the must-know techniques for modeling, texturing, shading and lighting like a pro, with a beautiful treasure chest of your own to show off as a result.

Made for Beginners and Experienced Blender Artists

The lessons are simple enough for beginners, but they get advanced as you go, enough to challenge even experienced artists.

The release of Blender 2.8 has brought a new era of open-source 3D creation. If you're learning 3D for the first time or planning a smooth transition from previous Blender versions, this course is for you.

The outline, what's covered in this course. 

  • Beginning with Primitives
  • Blocking out the Metal Pieces
  • Start Adding Geometric Details
  • Finishing Metal Details (Timelapse)
  • Modeling Wood Details
  • Sharing Object Data and Smart Repetition,¬†
  • Laying out the UVs
  • Setup and Begin Painting
  • Hand-painting the Color Texture
  • Edge and Cavity Detection
  • Configuring a Wood Material
  • Configuring a Metal Material
  • Rendering and Presentation
  • Bonus: Dropping coins with Rigid Body Physics

Essential Techniques for all your Future Blender Projects

This simple, stylized treasure chest is a lot of fun to create! But understand that it's only a means to an end. The best part about this project is that it teaches you all the essential techniques and workflows for creating anything with Blender. After this course, you can apply what you learn here to endless Blender projects.

Tip: As you progress through the course. Think about how the methods can be applied to other projects. When you're done with your treasure chest, you will be equipped to tackle any object that's in your head. Onward!

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