Fundamentals of 3D Mesh Modeling in Blender

Everything you need to start 3d modeling

Do you want to make games, animations, 3d prints, visual effects, or 3d illustrations?

Whatever your project is -- making shapes with points, lines, and faces is at the heart of the 3d modeling process.

This course is for you if you know the basics of Blender -- and are now ready to dive deeper.

I've been a member of CG Cookie for many years and have always looked up to your body of work and teachings. The reason I am where I am professionally, I chalk a majority up to you and the instructors at Cg Cookie...

Phil Osterbauer

A few years ago, I didn't know almost anything about 3D modelling and sculpting. Luckily enough, I discovered CG Cookie and started to study fundamentals using your courses. Some time ago, I co-founded a gaming company where I'm responsible for the 3D art. This crazy journey would be much more complicated without the knowledge I've got with your help.

Alex Yarotsky, Illusio Pictures

What you'll learn

Together, we’ll cover all of the most used Blender tools and settings you will use for all of your next modeling projects.

But what's just as important -- I'll help you understand the fundamental ideas behind these tools and settings, so you’ll know exactly why you're using them and make smart workflow choices for all your projects.

Putting things into practice

You’ll be able to test your new skills with mini-projects, like creating a sci-fi crate. 

In the end, I've prepared an exercise for you. If you complete it, you will get personalized feedback so you can see how much you've improved.

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