Anatomic: Ecorche Bust

3D facial anatomy for 3D Artists.

For artists interested in creating believable characters it's important to understand what's under the skin. Chances are you've scoured the internet for various anatomical diagrams in an effort to inform your character art. With anAtomic Lex your search is finished!

"Lex" is a comprehensive anatomical model with an intuitive interface for easy navigation through 4 layers of facial anatomy: Skeletal, Muscular, Fat, and Skin.

Each layer is equipped with labels texture so you know the technical terminology for all aspects of facial anatomy. The skeletal layer also has a color overlay for identifying the various bones in the skull. The muscular, fat, and skin layers all have the ability to be halved and visualized with "x-ray" transparency.

Comprehensive and accurate.

The construction and labeling of this ecorche bust has been executed with an acute attention to detail. Accuracy has been ensured by cross-referencing numerous anatomical sources, including a review from a plastic surgery resident:

What Artists are Saying:

"One of the most beautifully crafted anatomy studies I've ever seen. Beyond its quality level and the fact it runs realtime, it is packed with such an handy custom UI and amazing level of detail that for me, this is a must have if you want to learn anatomy and the best reference I've the chance to put my hands on". - Pierrick Picaut, Freelance Blender artist and trainer

"It's a go to reference for character artists. I am definitely recommending this as one the main reference to understand the human head." - Yuditya Afandi, Character Artist

"This ecorche tool is just brilliantly well done. It's made very easy to study and understand the relationship between bones, muscle, fats and skin. I can clearly see both beginners and experienced artist benefiting from this tool, and anatomy teachers will of course love it." - Lucas Falcao, Freelance 3D Artist

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